Why We Like Vogue Magazine

We may not all be trendsetters, but we all like to dream a little. In fact, there are some magazines and publications which can transport you to a different world and let you day dream for a while.

They are the kind of magazines you may pick up in a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room. Vogue is one of the most popular publications is world. It is published in many different languages around the globe, and seems to have the same effect everywhere. Yes, we like Vogue but secretly it could be said many of us are addicted to Vogue.

It makes you wonder why we are addicted to Vogue, and why we like Vogue so much.

Fashion in Vogue

Vogue is probably the best resource for the sofa fashionista. The reason she likes Vogue is simple. She can indulge her passion for expensive fashion without having to spend a cent. Instead, she gets the chance to daydream for a little while, and let the outside world disappear in between the pages. Not only can she indulge her passion for fashion. At the same time, she can dream about what it must be like to enjoy all of the fantastic celebrity parties wearing all of those brand labels. However, that is not the only reason why we like Vogue.

Beauty and Skincare

Vogue journalism is very much focused on the world of beauty and pure indulgence. Beauty and skincare are very much part of that culture, and if we are lucky, we can find a few elusive samples of both in between the pages. In some countries, Vogue even comes with free full size samples of luxury beauty and skincare products. A real treat for the fashionista who likes nothing better than pulling out a full sized Chanel lipstick from her handbag in front of her friends.

Exotic Travel

Our daydreams are not only full of beauty and expensive designer clothes. Many of us would also like to travel to the most exclusive resorts in the world. If you cannot afford to go there on your own, you can always rely on your coffee table friend Vogue to get you there. Within its pages, you can find an endless stream of spas and vacation resorts you can visit if you only had the money. You may not be afford to get there, but until you put Vogue down, you can dream you are on that perfect exotic beach or relaxing in a spa for the super rich.

The ultimate reason why we like Vogue, is because it allows us to take a break from everyday life, and escape reality. Perhaps we all deserve a Vogue moment after a long hard day at work.

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