What do 7 year olds like to play with?

I’ve recently had another baby – that makes three now. The second youngest is 2, and the oldest is now reach that tricky age of 7. It’s his birthday next week, and I’ve been racking my brains on ideas for gifts that I can get him to celebrate his 7th birthday.

Of course, the first thing that came to my mind was technology. All kids nowadays seem to want what their friends have, and as Joseph (my sons) friend just got a new tablet, this is what he wanted too. But, I took a vow not to let my kids have tablets and mobile phones until they were a little older, so this isn’t going to be of any use to me!

Here’s my short list of ideas of what 7 year olds like to play with. FYI – I have a niece who’s 7 too, so although this list might seem biased towards boys – she likes the same toys my son does too!

Toy Guns

My youngest is obsessed with toy guns, but I’ve held off from giving him anything that you can actually fire yet. I’m a little dubious of giving him something that actually has ammo, but I might treat him to paintball soon. For this reason, I think that getting a good laser tag set might be the best option for a 7 year old if they’re interested in that type of stuff.

Get them a long range set for laser tag too and you can get them outside so they’re not cooped up indoors all day. One of the hardest things about raising kids nowadays is keeping them outside before they come in and go on their games consoles!

Toy Games

Although my oldest doesn’t like most games, there are a few that I can convince him in to playing pretty easily. I try to steer clear of anything intellectually stiimulating as a gift – I don’t think the kids would be too happy getting chess as a birthday gift! But things like giant jenga are an awesome gift for a 7 year old. If you’re on a budget, you can also look at making your own DIY jenga too!

I try not to get my kid too many console games otherwise I’d never get him out of his bedroom!

GO Kart Racing

Not all gifts have to be something physical. Another good idea is to get your kids a day out that you can spend with them (again, getting them out of the house!).

Go kart racing is a great idea that is fun for the entire family. It isn’t super expensive, and you don’t need to be worried about the speed of the go karts if you find a good place to go. Of course, if you don’t want to go on the go karts yourself then it’s a good idea to invite some of your kids friends to play with them Nothing worse than karting alone!


These are just a few of the idea that I’ve had recently that I think will make awesome presents for my kid in the future – especially with my youngests birthday approaching fast!


Why we like Cosmopolitan Magazine

Cosmo magazine was first published by Schlicht & Field, and its first publication was in 1886. It is undoubtedly the best, as will be revealed to you shortly. It has quite a history behind it and the history, in part, lends a hand to its exalted state in the world of magazines. It is a monthly publication focusing on women.

Before delving into the uniqueness of this magazine and the various features that make it the best compared to other magazines, let us take a journey back in time to learn how Cosmo Magazine started its journey to fame and affluence.

A Little History

The words of the first publisher of the magazine seemed to have turned the tide in its favor right from the onset. Shortly after the first issue was published in 1886, Paul Schlicht declared to the world that his publication was a “first class family magazine.” This declaration seems to have percolated to the present day editions of the magazine, which has enjoyed impressive popularity and maintained outstanding quality.

Its initial name was The Cosmopolitan, and it is published by Hearst Corporation. Its first publication hit the newsstand in 1886, making it one of the oldest monthly magazines still around today. Initially, the Cosmopolitan started as a family magazine. At a later date, it was presented as a literary magazine. Then later, in 1965, it became a women’s magazine, and it had been till date.

The magazine covers various stories related to beauty, fashion, celebrities, self-improvement, careers, health, sex and relationships.

Paul Schlicht transferred ownership to John Brisben Walker, who bought the company in 1889. This new owner drew attention to the magazine by dispatching Elizabeth Bisland to race against Neille Bly around the world. Lots of transformations came on in this magazine under his ownership.

The publisher attempted to create a spinoff, christened CosmoGirl, in 1999, but it did not receive the same measure of success that accompanied Cosmo Magazine. Consequently, they had to shut it down in 2008; this spinoff was targeted at teenage females.

Why is Cosmo the best magazine?

As hinted earlier, its age long history contributes to its uniqueness. However, its special place is not just due to its age; the magazine equally has several features that make it the best around. Some of these features are highlighted below:

• The magazine is being distributed in over 100 countries today; no other magazine can boast of similar reach.
• Cosmo Magazine is available in 35 different languages, both the major and many of the minor languages, covering virtually all continents on earth.
• As at today, the magazine has up to 64 international editions; there is rarely any other magazine that has measured up to that till date.
• Cosmo Magazine covers a wide range of subjects, and it contains information that has proved to be beneficial to all; though it is supposed to be a women’s magazine, many men have testified to its rich and beneficial contents.
• The magazine has featured more celebrities than virtually any other magazine in the United States, some of which are Megan Fox, Kate Upton, Taylor Swift, Kelly Rowland and many others.
• Today, it is the largest selling young women’s magazine on a global scale.

What makes it tick?

One of the factors that make Cosmo Magazine irresistible to readers is its excellent cover page, aside from its rich contents. In recent times, the cover page has become increasingly sexually intriguing, which has increased its popularity among various classes of readers. Virtually all the editions released in recent times bear pictures of popular celebrities showing off their classy fashion tastes.
In one of its sections, titled “Ask Him, Anything,” a male contributor would provide answers to questions being asked by the largely female readers. The purpose of this section is to teach the women cycle about the compelling and intriguing world of men. As at today, more than 3 million individuals are subscribed to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Awards from Cosmo Magazine

As part of its desire to give back to the general public, the Cosmo Magazine has been giving awards to its readers and subscribers, a development that does not cut out members of the general public. Some of these awards will be highlighted below:

• Bachelor of the Year Award: The award targets hottest bachelors across the 50 states in the United States, and it goes to just one of them. The winner of the award is determined by members of the public, who are asked to vote on the various pictures and profiles of the bachelors posted on Six profiles with the highest number of votes will pass the first stage, and a winner is selected among the six finalists by a team of Cosmopolitan editors.
• Fun, Fearless Female of the Year: The award started in 1998, and it has reached a crescendo today, giving an assurance of better things to come. The last edition took place in 2016.
• Fun, Fearless Male of the Year: This is usually featured in the February edition of the magazine. The award started in 2003, and the last edition was held in 2017.
• Cosmo Blog Award: The award is given by Cosmo Magazine, and it was first launched in the UK. Over 15,000 entries were recorded in 2010 when the award was first launched. The blogs that qualify to participate in this are those related to lifestyle, celebrity, fashion, and beauty. Be that as it may, the award is only available in London; entry is also welcome from blogs written by bloggers based in the UK and blogs owned by bloggers who are British but reside outside the UK

Cosmopolitan, The Fragrance

The company unveiled its perfume brand, The Fragrance, in May 2015. It turns out to be an impressive perfume; this makes them the only tabloid offering such product
Furthermore, Cosmo Magazine has launched several campaigns, and they also sponsor several TV programs; principal among this is the Practice Safe Sun, which is a campaign focused on the fight against skin cancer. The magazine authorities equally met with Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney during which they complained of women misrepresentation and the need to further promote women’s health via advocacy against the risks of tanning.


Undoubtedly, Cosmo Magazine has reached a pinnacle envied by several other magazines, and it looks strong enough to maintain and increase its successes. From the points mentioned above, there is no doubt that the magazine is simply the best globally.


Why we like The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post or The Huffpost is an American commercial company which provides news coverage by both of its local and international editions.

It was founded in May 9, 2005 by Arianna Huffington, Jonah Peretti, Andrew Breitbart and Kenneth Lerer. Now the company is owned by AOL an American Online corporation and its editor is Lydia Polgreen.


The purpose of the company like every other journalism company is to offer original content of news, blogs,etc on various topics like

  • Business
  • Environment
  • Women empowerment (woo!)
  • Entertainment
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Culture
  • Lifestyle
  • Sports
  • Innovation
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Style
  • Comedy


Having gained a reputation of the top site of commentary and world news, The Huffington Post continuous the deliverance of top breaking stories and news across variety of fields from its news rooms in local and international regions.

Thus it can be called a “News and​ Opinion” site which allows the columnists or readers to maintain and be in touch with the day to day happenings around the world and gives​ them a platform to express their view points on various topics mentioned before.

The contents of the site is available in various languages like English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, Greek and Korean. The company’s slogan is “Inform, Inspire, Entertain, Empower”.

As the slogan goes, the company continues to offer every being the objectives to speak, to write, to motivate or get motivated, to guide or be guided. Over the time it has proved to be a great entertainment site which proceeds to empower every individual which is why we like The Huffington Post.

Over the past twelve years, the Huffington​Post or the Huff Post has come too far on the path of success realizing its slogan​ in its true form, establishing its reputation, being awarded for its works in the betterment of society and creating milestones with every step in its path!


Why We Like Vogue Magazine

We may not all be trendsetters, but we all like to dream a little. In fact, there are some magazines and publications which can transport you to a different world and let you day dream for a while.

They are the kind of magazines you may pick up in a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room. Vogue is one of the most popular publications is world. It is published in many different languages around the globe, and seems to have the same effect everywhere. Yes, we like Vogue but secretly it could be said many of us are addicted to Vogue.

It makes you wonder why we are addicted to Vogue, and why we like Vogue so much.

Fashion in Vogue

Vogue is probably the best resource for the sofa fashionista. The reason she likes Vogue is simple. She can indulge her passion for expensive fashion without having to spend a cent. Instead, she gets the chance to daydream for a little while, and let the outside world disappear in between the pages. Not only can she indulge her passion for fashion. At the same time, she can dream about what it must be like to enjoy all of the fantastic celebrity parties wearing all of those brand labels. However, that is not the only reason why we like Vogue.

Beauty and Skincare

Vogue journalism is very much focused on the world of beauty and pure indulgence. Beauty and skincare are very much part of that culture, and if we are lucky, we can find a few elusive samples of both in between the pages. In some countries, Vogue even comes with free full size samples of luxury beauty and skincare products. A real treat for the fashionista who likes nothing better than pulling out a full sized Chanel lipstick from her handbag in front of her friends.

Exotic Travel

Our daydreams are not only full of beauty and expensive designer clothes. Many of us would also like to travel to the most exclusive resorts in the world. If you cannot afford to go there on your own, you can always rely on your coffee table friend Vogue to get you there. Within its pages, you can find an endless stream of spas and vacation resorts you can visit if you only had the money. You may not be afford to get there, but until you put Vogue down, you can dream you are on that perfect exotic beach or relaxing in a spa for the super rich.

The ultimate reason why we like Vogue, is because it allows us to take a break from everyday life, and escape reality. Perhaps we all deserve a Vogue moment after a long hard day at work.