3 Great Gift Ideas for Grandparents this Christmas

For most of us, Christmas can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year. Time off work, family gatherings and of course, presents. But, it can be difficult get your loved ones a present that they’re actually going to use as opposed to something that they might just use every now and then.

The demographic that many of us struggle to buy for, myself included, is the grandparents. They really can be a nightmare to know what to get for them – fortunately, I’ve come up with this short list of different things that you might want to consider getting if you want to give your grandparents a perfect christmas gift.

Of course, this list is going to be different for everyone and not everything here will be ideal for your circumstance. But, many of the gifts here are undoubtedly worth considering if you want some gift ideas.

Kitchen Stuff – Ice Cream Maker

One of the best gifts I ever purchased my own parents was an ice cream maker. Although it might not seem like the best idea, there’s a reason why they love this gift so much.

The main reason is that it gives them something to do with their grandkids. The gap between grandparents and their grandchildren is getting harder, because much of the time, young kids are on their phones or tablets and they’re less likely to socialise. By getting the parents an ice cream maker, this has enable them to actually spend some time with our kids, which makes it a fantastic gift.

Of course, my parents do use the ice cream maker themselves sometimes too!

Google Home/Amazon Echo

This one completely depends on how technological the grandparents are. But, let me tell you that my parents (kids grandparents) are complete technophobes – but the Amazon Echo and Dot we got them last year gets used frequently.

What do they use it for? Well, primarily for music. I got sick and tired of seeing them fiddling with old CDs and after they tried using Spotify last year at my house, they fell in love with it. So, they’ve got a Spotify account set up with an Amazon Echo in the front room and a dot in their bedroom. Perfect.

They also use it as an alarm in the morning, which comes in handy!

Key Finder

Depending on whether they can take a joke or not, getting a keyfinder for grandparents is another really great idea. I used one of these myself, and although it might seem like a joke, it’s actually extremely useful. This is especially true for older grandparents who aren’t as quick as they used to be, so this can help to save them a bunch of time if they do happen to lose their keys.


Overall, these are just some ideas that I’ve bought for my kids grandparents in recent years. There are a ton of other ideas that you can check out – I usually find Pinterest one of the best places to get inspiration and ideas from! But, these are undoubtedly some of the ideas that you should be considering if you’re going to be purchasing grandparents a present these holidays.