30 Different Green Smoothie Combos

Stars and starlets swear by them: green smoothies. Recipes, there are thousands, but which make the delicious vegetable shake in between actually a really healthy “fast food” and which tips and tricks are available around the preparation? We have 30 green smoothie recipes compiled for you who are guaranteed mixed in no time.

Green smoothies are for many the one plus ultra of a healthy diet. But how do you prepare them best and with as little effort as possible? We have 30 simple but delicious recipes and useful tips and tricks for cooking.

Healthy all-rounder to get full

Although they look like some not particularly appetizing, green smoothies are small vitamin bombs and can smoothly replace an entire meal. For slimmer’s particularly interesting: The fiber contained in green leafy vegetables can help in weight loss. You keep full longer and provide a healthy intestinal flora. Even with vitamins, amino acids and antioxidants that green ingredients for vegetable smoothie recipes can score. The chlorophyll contained acts against inflammation and toxins in the body.

The bottom line is, according to proponents to mix: By crushing the cell structure are broken and released the right healthy ingredients. Not least, the shakes are thus very easy to digest and the consumption of large amounts of essential nutrients is made possible.

Healthy “Fast Food”: simple green smoothies recipes

The remixed green stuff is supposed to be but not only healthy but also taste. With always the same ingredients it is boring. The following vegetable smoothie instructions show how diverse can be the green smoothies. Not only green stuff comes into the blender, and fruits may purely. Over 40 different ingredients bring enough variety. Especially popular for smoothies recipes: banana, because the make the shakes really nice creamy. In the list of ingredients for green smoothie recipes but frolicking mango, spinach, kale and ginger.

Banana, spinach, lemon juice, water

Banana, spinach, raspberry, apple, water

Banana, spinach, mango, almonds, water

Banana, spinach, orange, avocado, water

Banana, spinach, apple, ginger, water

Banana, spinach, pineapple, cucumber, water

Banana, spinach, mango, orange, linseed oil, water

Banana, spinach, grapefruit, pomegranate, water

Banana, spinach, carrot, alfalfa, water

Banana, spinach, apple, hemp milk

Banana, spinach, pineapple, coconut water

Banana, spinach, lime, rice milk

Banana, cucumber, apple, parsley, water

Banana, broccoli, coconut milk, vanilla powder

Banana, broccoli, mango, lemon juice, water

Banana, kale, orange, pomegranate, water

Banana, kale, apple, ginger, water

Banana, kale, ginger, flax seeds, water

Banana, kale, pineapple, Kokosmus, water

Banana, Brussels sprouts, lemon juice, water

Banana, Man gold, oat milk

Corn salad, pear, blackberry, ginger, water

Corn salad, orange, ginger, water

Lamb’s lettuce, arugula, dates, green tea

Kale, kiwi, ginger, lemon juice, water

Kale, avocado, basil, lime, water

Spinach, grapes, oranges, ginger, water

Spinach, orange, apple, ginger, water

Arugula, mint, lemon balm, water

Man gold, pear, cranberries, water

Vegetable smoothie recipes therefore need not be complicated. The instructions for these smoothies come out even without quantitative data: Simply put all the ingredients in a blender (preferably with clean tap water) fill the whole with liquid, mix, done!

5 harsh words – so be prepared

In the preparation but especially beginners should note the following. With a little practice and the right tips her smoothies can easily be produced but. We have compiled the most common beginner mistakes and show how the preparation of this smoothies is correct.

  1. Beginners: More fruit than greens

If we are honest: some getting used to taste the greenish shakes at the beginning already. First be frugal with vegetables, prefer to use more fruits: why. For beginners, a mixture of 60 percent fruit and 40 percent green vegetables is recommended. Accesses for making green smoothies a day to your favorite fruits – and bananas. The worry namely for an ideal, creamy consistency. Important tip for the correct choice of vegetables: spinach is best to use, which is particularly tasteless. Later you can reduce the fruit-green ratio of 50:50. Well chilled taste the vitamin bombs incidentally best. Then you just add at the end a little crushed ice, by mixing, done!

  1. Less is more: Green smoothies easily do it yourself

Healthy green stuff shakes are so – well and good. But how can you green smoothies selbermachen without much effort to operate? Anyone who has tried to preparation before, the following results are perhaps familiar: to lumpy, too watery or even slush brown. For smoothie recipes should therefore apply above all: a few and the right ingredients.

One can green smoothies without much fanfare extremely easy to prepare the recipe – even with only two ingredients. How about, for example, with banana and spinach or salad with berries? It is in principle not necessary to use ten or more different ingredients in the preparation of these smoothies. Rather, their flavor frequently suffers when too many flavors are mixed together.

  1. Mix mix, mix

is mixed, the longer, the better actually liked smoothie. Dear be a few minutes longer in the mixer – even if it is loud. Then he is really in the true sense of the word “smooth”.

  1. The right smoothie maker

And so we would have the next topic: not only to the correct time is important in the preparation of green smoothies, also on the mixer itself washing True lovers of green shakes swear by high intensity mixer such as that of. Vitamix . Only when these cells of green vegetables are broken up and released the key ingredients. With daily use, the life of a household mixer is also not too high to be classified. Who still wants to spend no 500 to 700 euros for a high-performance mixer, should the ingredients for this smoothies simply cut very small and mix more.

Not overestimate 5. Effect

Most important: Green smoothies are no silver bullet. Even a better person one is slim neither overnight. Nevertheless report Fans of green drink it again and again that they feel more balanced and fitter. The truth is surely that you eat more kale; spinach and other green leafy plant that would one not taste in their natural form well. The following applies: Just try and mix hardworking!

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